General Info

Festival Rules

  • All persons involved or attending the Festival are responsible for obeying all city, county, state and federal laws while on the grounds.
  • A variety of food and beverage will be available for purchase on the Festival grounds. Absolutely no alcohol may be brought onto the Festival grounds. (Personal water bottles permitted, if sealed)
  • No glass containers of any kind may be brought onto Festival grounds.
  • Backpacks and other items may be searched by Festival staff and/or the Savannah Metro Police Department.
  • By entering Festival grounds, you grant permission for photographs or video of you and/or your children/dependents by Festival staff, volunteers or contest participants to be used for, but not limited to, promotion of the event.
  • All those entering Festival areas MUST do so through an official Gateway and are subject to search of person, including handbags and backpacks. If you object to the search, you have the option to NOT enter the Festival.
  • NO weapons, (concealed weapons) open flames or noise-makers of any kind are allowed on Festival grounds.
  • By entering, you agree to abide by Festival Rules and instructions of the Festival Committee.  Those without a Festival pass or those not entering through an official gateway will be escorted from the grounds.
  • Guests will NOT be allowed to bring in coolers, beverages, whistles, sharp objects, bottles, alcohol, cans, bikes, food or ice chests (unless used for infant supplies or medical/diabetic reasons).
  • NO outside golf carts or motorized vehicles are allowed, unless by handicapped persons or vendors with permits.  Strollers and lawn chairs ARE allowed, but are subject to search.
  • NO costumes or masks allowed, except as approved for performers/vendors.
  • Guests will not be allowed to videotape or take pictures or electronically record any concerts or performances on the Urban Life Stage.
  • Sales of items or distribution of items by vendors/sponsors have been approved in advance by the Festival Committee; NO sales or distribution of any kind, including but not limited to literature, products or food, will be allowed without prior authorization from the Festival Queen Bee.
  • ALL contest decisions by Festival Staff, Judges and Competition Coordinators are final.
  • Festival is not responsible for lost/stolen items.  The Savannah Metro Police Department are located on Festival grounds.
  • NO driving/parking in SUAF/Greenfest /Festival grounds except in designated areas.
  • Festival Committee or Security/Police reserve the right to deny entry or to deny continued participation of any attendees.
  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas ONLY due to extremely flammable propellants or materials in use by vendors, food service areas, generators, automobiles, specialized rides, Gator-type vehicles and other equipment/personnel.
  • Pets must be on a leash and person(s) owning or bringing any pets on premises must clean and properly dispose of pet waste.

Directions to Savannah

From Atlanta
1. Take Interstate 75 south to Interstate 16.
2. Take Interstate 16 east.
3. Continue until Interstate 16 ends onto Montgomery St. located in downtown Savannah

From Charleston
1. Take Interstate 17 south to Interstate 95.
2. Take Interstate 95 south to Interstate 16.
3. Take Interstate 16 east.
4. Continue until Interstate 16 ends onto Montgomery St.

From Hilton Head
1. From the Island, take Highway 278.
2. Continue to Interstate 95.
3. Take Interstate 95 south.
4. Take Interstate 16 east.
5. Continue until Interstate 16 ends onto Montgomery St.

From Florida
1. Take Interstate 95 north.
2. Take Interstate 16 east.
3. Continue until Interstate 16 ends onto Montgomery St.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel prices in Savannah are wide ranging depending on your where you want to stay in Savannah. The festival grounds venues are all located in downtown Savannah, where prices ranges may be a bit higher in comparison to those located midtown or closer to the airport. Never fear, you can get to and from just about anywhere in Savannah within 15-20 minutes. Below is the list of hotel areas and price ranges.

Holiday Inn Midtown is the Official Hotel For SUAF 2013.

CALL THE  HOTEL ONLY For Booking at 912-629-0900. $50.00 per night you can’t beat that deal…

Promo Code: is The Savannah Urban Arts Festival 2013



Downtown Historic District-$150-$350 per night

Southside/Mid-town Hotels-$70-$120

I-95/Highway 204/Gateway Blvd Hotels-$60-$120

I-95 Savannah-Hilton Head Hotels-$80-$150


First off we highly encourage Car Pooling, Bus’s, Bikes, Skateboards, Pedi-Cabs, Unicycles, (you get the idea) and any other forms of locomotion that have the least impact on our environment. We are trying to do our part to make this an environmentally friendly event.


Feeling a little adventurous!? Park in a garage and take a pedicab. Savannah Pedicab has been contacted and informed about all the happenings on Saturday at the Morris Center. So park your car and catch a ride. Click on the pic to get more information on Savannah Pedicab.

The City of Savannah’s also offers FARE FREE transportion on the DOT (Downtown Transportion System). For more information about fare free shuttle services and the brand new Riverstreet Street Streetcar visit the DOT website.

Many of the festival events are located in a downtown Savannah. Since the main SUAF event is on a Saturday there will be plenty of FREE parking in and around the downtown area.


For more information on the City of Savannah Parking accommodations please visit the Parking Services website.

Official Festival Venues [Google Maps to venues]


Muse Arts Warehouse, 703D Louisville Rd.
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The Sentient Bean Coffee Shop, 13 East Park Ave.
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Map to all Festival Venues

View Savannah Urban Arts Festival Venues (SUAF) in a larger map

Security & Safety
We are making every effort to create a safe and secure environment on the Festival grounds. On-site security will be provided by the Savannah Metropolitan Police Department. Emergency medical staff will be available on site. If you need any assistance, go to the medical tent, or look for a police officer or Festival staff member.