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Incorporated as a non-profit group in September of 2004, and is Savannah’s only Arts and Technology based after school program for all youth. AWOL’s mission is to promote and provide self-awareness through the use of poetry, hip hop and life. AWOL programs are provided in an environment that encourages respect, creativity, education and most of all non-violence. The organization hosts a number of events, including: a weekly television show (The Chop Shop), a monthly open mic night (Therapy Session), a conflict resolution workshop, an annual hip hop history play and digital arts education programs involving film and music production. The organization’s main goal is to successfully develop youth in an environment that encourages respect, education, creativity and most of all non-violence. Using the elements of hip hop as a means to promote self-expression and self-respect, AWOL strives to provide troubled youth with an outlet for their creative energy and frustration, empowering them to overcome peer pressure and to make better decisions in their daily lives.


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In a world, where design was young and misunderstood, one team stood alone in a deadly game of crossing three different disciplines under one roof. Based on the true story of an award-winning design firm – specializing in print, web and motion graphics – comes the epic tale of Paragon Design Group. An intrepid band of creative thinkers who live by the Paragon Credo: tackle challenges with upside-down thinking, design for the greater good,  and make the best solutions beautiful. Just when you thought achieving both form and function was impossible, there’s Paragon Design Group. Bravely battling against the evil hordes of mediocrity and apathy in a city near you.

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The City of Savannah


Cultural Access to Education Grant
The mission of the City of Savannah Department of Cultural Affairs is to nurture excellence and diversity to improve the social fabric and quality of life for Savannah’s citizens, regardless of income, education, disabilities, or ethnicity; and to provide leadership in fostering programs that educate and expose citizens to a rich and diverse range of cultural expressions, to support artistic programs that celebrate creativity, create educational opportunities, encourage economic growth and enhance Savannah’s reputation as a cultural destination.

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The mission of Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) is access to the arts for all Georgians.  As a state agency, GCA provides this access through the award of highly competitive grants that fund arts programming.In response to the current economy, GCA has amended it mission to read:  access to the arts for all Georgians with the primary responsibility to the state’s nonprofit arts industry.





Comcast may be the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communication products and services, but Comcast has been a local communications company since we were created over 45 years ago. It’s the local feel that drives our company on all levels and it’s through investment in the neighborhoods where we live and work that we aim to create a lasting impact.

Since 2001, our charitable giving in cash and in-kind exceeds $1.4 billion to national and local non-profit organizations. We’ve forged partnerships with hundreds of these organizations on a grassroots level. And we run several successful programs with the goal of engaging our nearly 100,000 employees, from major cities to small towns, with those who need it most. Comcast is proud sponsor of the 2009 Savannah Urban Arts Festival!


WSAV is a  Media General Station and a proud sponsor of the Savannah Urban Arts Festival. Media General is a leading provider of news, information and entertainment across multiple media platforms, serving consumers and advertisers in strong local markets, primarily in the Southeastern United States.  Media General’s operations are organized in five geographic market segments and a sixth segment called Digital Media.


Holiday Inn Express – Savannah Midtown is the official Hotel Sponsor for SUAF 2013.


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The official restaurant delivery service of the Savannah Urban Arts Festival!

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Dope Sandwhich

Dope Sandwich Productions, Multimedia Hip Hop Collective – [Web]
Based in Savannah, GA, Dope Sandwich Productions is an umbrella organization that includes emcees, DJs, breakdancers, graffiti artists, graphic designers and video producers dedicated to promoting the elements of hip hop culture. DSP hosts a variety of weekly events, including live music, breakdancing sessions, and more. Having shared stages with notable underground hip hop artists including The Cunninlynguists, Oh No, The Justus League, Akrobatik, and Psyche Origami, among others, the Dope Sandwich crew balances a rigorous schedule of performing and touring with community outreach that includes free block parties and breakdancing workshops in partnership with other local organizations.





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